Automatic endoscopic suturing device.
Has application in endoscopic surgery for the placement of interrupted or running stitches in soft tissues.
Ergonomic handle with needle position indicator.
One handed instrument and easy needle transfer within the jaws.
Wide mouth jaws allow access to variety of tissue thickness.
Offers considerable surgical time savings.


Welfare Ligating Clips are Sterile, single-patient-use clips manufactured from high quality titanium.
The V-shaped clip designed for ligation of tubular structures.
Supplied sterile and are used for ligation of organs and vessels in laparoscopic as well as open surgery.
Appliers are available in a wide variety of jaw types and Applier lengths.
Pure Titanium providing maximum vessel occlusion and zero memory preventing tip opening after application.
Biologically inert radiolucent and non-magnetic for use with MRI scanning equipment.
Open Appliers colour coded for ease of identification 45cm Endoscopic Appliers for Bariatric surgery offering extended reach


Wel-Lok Ligating Clips

Chevron shape titanium clips holds tissue with precise tip to tip closure.
Cartridges are colour coded to match Appliers.
Easy to load and with strong adhesive backing on the cartridge, provides the user to conveniently place the cartridge to any sterile area.

Transverse grooves on the clip ensure no slippage from the vessel or tissue.
MRI compatible and Radio-Opaque.
Cartridges available with both 6- and 24- clips.
Endoscopic appliers available for Medium-Large and Large clips with flush port for thorough cleaning.
Open appliers colour-coded and available in range of sizes and lengths.


The Endoscopic stapler combines an ergonomic design, articulation, and one-handed grasping, for increased versatility enhancing the user experience.
The Stapler places two, triple staggered rows of titanium staples and simultaneously cuts and divides the tissue between the two rows.
Universal handle available in two size options and compatible with all reloading units.

Brand new knife blade for each single use loading unit to provide the sharpness and ensure complete tissue cutting which reduce tissue damage.
Articulating cartridge provides more flexibility in narrow surgery space.
Staple gap control allows for consistent staple formation as the cutting knife proceeds through the transected tissue.