Laparoscopic single-use electrodes provide variety of surgical procedures.
Three different monopolar designs.
The 330mm shaft is fully insulated to the tip to prevent stray current and unwanted burns.
Ergonomic and lightweight handle.

reference code - description - size
WME-0660       - L-Hook      - 5mm x 330mm
WME-0440       - Spatula     - 5mm x 330mm
WME-0110       - J-Hook      - 5mm x 330mm


The single use Surgical Camera Sleeve creates a sterile effective barrier around the camera head and cable.
The ring frame design allows simple and quick application to create a sterile field for use with the video/camera systems during laparoscopic procedures.
The cover is made of reinforced plastic for added security.
By eliminating the need for between-case sterilisation, the sleeve can save money on costly repairs and prolong the life of the camera head and cable.
Length: 3000mm


A spring loaded, blunt style mechanism, the Veress Needle is used to establish safe and effective Pneumoperitoneum in
laparoscopic surgery.
Different length options to accommodate different patient populations.
Sharp bevelled tip ensures quick, easy and safe insertion.


Each disposable Skin Stapler is loaded with 35 medical grade Stainless Steel Staples.
Skin Stapler dispenses one staple each time the instrument trigger is activated.
Clear plastic cartridge offers enhanced staple count visibility.
Ergonomic design for ease of operation.


The Endoscopic stapler combines an ergonomic design, articulation, and one-handed grasping, for increased versatility enhancing the user experience.
The Stapler places two, triple staggered rows of titanium staples and simultaneously cuts and divides the tissue between the two rows.
Universal handle available in two size options and compatible with all reloading units.

Brand new knife blade for each single use loading unit to provide the sharpness and ensure complete tissue cutting which reduce tissue damage.
Articulating cartridge provides more flexibility in narrow surgery space.
Staple gap control allows for consistent staple formation as the cutting knife proceeds through the transected tissue.


Sterile Disposable Stapler has been designed for the surgical procedure for prolapse and haemorrhoids (PPH) throughout the anal canal.
Allows controlled tissue compression and adjustable-height staples for uniform staple formation at the specific height.

The anvil is detachable for better visual control.
Clear Anoscope offer reference markings for enhanced visualisation of the anatomy and precise placement of the purse string sutures.
Controlled tissue compression and adjustable-height staples for uniform staple formation.
Closed staple height of 0.75mm-1.5mm – designed to increase staple line compression on tissue and key blood vessels.

Ergonomic design for ease of use.
3M of flexible tubing.
Atraumatic round ended shaft with side-to side distal aspiration holes.
Colour coded smooth button pistons and tubing for ease of identification.


The Welfare Circular stapler is used in general surgery, thoracic surgery, surgical treatment of obesity and in colo-rectal surgery, to perform end-to-end, side-toend, and side-to-side anastomoses.
Controlled tissue compression provides the flexibility to adapt to tissue depending on the clinical situation.
Adjustable Height staples accommodate compressed tissue thickness from 1.0mm to 2.5mm.

10 mm single-use specimen pouch has application for safe, convenient removal of tissue specimens.
Unique ergonomic design offers ease of use.
Self-opening design provides easy and safe specimen retrieval.
High strength thermoplastic polyurethane pouch material prevents leakage.
Single-use specimen pouch consists of a long cylindrical tube and a polyurethane pouch that minimizes spillage and intraoperative contamination by isolating and containing specimen.