Laparoscopic single-use electrodes provide variety of surgical procedures.
Three different monopolar designs.
The 330mm shaft is fully insulated to the tip to prevent stray current and unwanted burns.
Ergonomic and lightweight handle.

reference code - description - size
WME-0660       - L-Hook      - 5mm x 330mm
WME-0440       - Spatula     - 5mm x 330mm
WME-0110       - J-Hook      - 5mm x 330mm


Bipolar forceps with an active bipolar cutting electrode. This disposable all-in-one instrument offers four functions of dissecting, grasping, bipolar coagulation and bipolar cut.
This multifunction instrument is ideal for many complex and time consuming procedures within minimal invasive gynaecology.
The instrument can be used with most standard bipolar electrosurgical units.
Used for any surgery requiring repeated division of tissue and vessels.
Ergonomic handle for ease of control and stability with a secure ratchet system.
Angled tooth design for secure grasping 8.5mm jaw opening for vessels up to 7mm.
3m cable with a 2x 4mm male connector.